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AKG CBL31WLS | bordmikrofon for trådløs sender

Professional boundary layer microphone for wireless use

AKG CGN 321STS | svanehals med bordfot, 30cm

Professional tabletop microphone set

AKG CGN 521STS | svanehals med bordfot, 50cm

CGN521STS is a heavy duty professional tabletop microphone set with excellent shock absorbing properties.

AKG DST99S | bordmikrofon m/bryter

The DST99 S is a paging microphone with cardioid polar pattern for general public address and communication use.

AKG STS DAM WLS trådløs bordfot for GN M svanehalser

The STS DAM+ WL is based on a heavy duty tabletop mechanical design and is compatible with the AKG DAM+ series of goosenecks and capsules.

AKG STS DAM+ bordfot for GN M svanehalser

The STS DAM+ is a heavy duty table stand with extremely good shock absorbing properties.

Sennheiser MAT 133-B | Bordfot til MZH 30xx, MEG 1440

The MAT 133 is a sturdy, wired table stand that provides a stable base for XLR-3 gooseneck microphones. The model is available in black color.

Sennheiser MAT 133-S-B | Bordfot med bryter til MZH 30xx, MEG 1440

The rugged housing of the functionally and unobtrusively designed MAT 133-S provides a solid ground for XLR-3 gooseneck microphones. A convenient microphone button is featured with a bi color light ring for clear visual feedback.

Sennheiser MAT 153-S-B | Bordfot med bryter til MZH 30xx, MEG 1440, 5-pin XLR

MAT 153 provides a solid ground for XLR-5 gooseneck microphones with lighting ring.