IW (In wall) series

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M&K IC95 | 6,5" passiv innfellingshøyttaler, par

The new compact IC95 integrated loudspeaker system is based on the well proven proprietary 6,5-inch mid-woofer, also used in Miller & Kreisel studio monitor system MPS1620P and in-wall system IW95.

M&K IW150 | 2 x 5,25" innfellingshøyttaler

This award winning design is the In-Wall equivalent of M&K Sound’s S150 Series used on a daily basis as the preferred monitoring tool in hundreds of professional film and music recording studios around the world and in thousands of serious home entertainment systems.

M&K IW150A


M&K IW150T | In-wall Tripol, par

The IW150T® is the In-Wall equivalent of the famous S150T Tripole® surround speakers. Incorporating the exact same drivers and crossover technology as the S150T sealed cabinet speaker, the IW150T® delivers uncompromising performance from a less obtrusive form factor.

M&K IW28S | 2 x 8" innfellingshøyttaler, subwoofer

More than four decades of experience and insight have been applied to the design of this truly invisible subwoofer, based on high-performance 8” woofers specially developed for the M&K Sound V Series subwoofers and ingeniously adapted to meet the extreme demands of shallow, flush-mount installation while delivering the quantity and quality of deep bass that consumers and professionals expect from M&K Sound.

M&K IW300 | 2 x 6,5" innfellingshøyttaler

The IW300 features the same proprietary drivers and crossover as the famed Miller & Kreisel S300 Series.

M&K IW5 | 4" innfellingshøyttaler

Designed with the same richly detailed sound as the M&K Sound M Series. The IW5 is supplied with a slim round grille making it the optimal choice as the In-Ceiling solution.

M&K IW85 | 5,25" innfellingshøyttaler

The versatile IW85 is superb in two-channel or surround applications and can be combined with any M&K Sound speakers for a seamless sonic timber match.

M&K IW95 | 6,5" innfellingshøyttaler

The universal IW95 is suitable for any complex installation and deliver a seamless, holographic, three-dimensional listening experience.

M&K IW950 | 2 x 5,25" innfellingshøyttaler

The IW950 incorporates proprietary M&K Sound drive units and technologies drawn from the classic 950 Series.

M&K VA500 | forsterker til IW28S

This dedicated Class D amplifer with high efficiency, cool running and low standby voltage consumption is a further development of the amplifiers built into the popular M&K Sound V Series subwoofers.