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Televic Plixus AE-R | audio engine, sentralenhet 1U

Audio Engine with Recording. Use a slim central unit with full functionality and built-in recording, without the need for an extra pc.

Televic Plixus Gateway

The Plixus Gateway is part of Televic’s Confero Cloud solution. The 19" rack-mountable device acts as a flexible and secure bridge between Cloud-based services and the Plixus engine in your premises. By controlling and securing the traffic in and out between the Internet and the conferencing room, the Gateway can transfer audio, video and conference data without you having to worry about security threats.

Televic Plixus NEXT Network Extender

The Plixus Network Extender is a device used to increase the number of ports available on the Plixus network and to create a redundant system design.

Televic Plixus strømforsyning

The Plixus PS is a 1U high 19” rack mount 48 VDC/1000W power supply

Televic Plixus V-IN Video input box HDMI

Insert video anywhere on your network with a simple black box

Televic Plixus V-OUT Video output box HDMI

Extract video anywhere on your network with a simple black box.

Televic Plixus V-REQ Video request panel

Get your video stream on the Plixus Network easily with the Plixus Video-Request Panel.

Televic Plixus V-SEL Video selection panel

The V-SEL is an accessory that is connected to the Plixus Video-OUT Box through a micro-USB connector.