Sennheiser Tourguide

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Sennheiser EK 2020-D-II Tourguide receiver

The EK 2020-D-II can be used with headphones or an induction neckloop for transmitting the sound to hearing aids equipped with a T coil.

Sennheiser EZL 2020-20L charger case

The EZL 2020-20L charger case has been designed to be highly user-friendly. It acts as both the storage case for all equipment and charging station for the Tourguide receivers and transmitter.

Sennheiser HDE 2020-D-II Headset receiver, digital, 6 or 8 channels

HDE 2020-D stethoset Tourguide receiver is the comfortable to wear receiver of the digital Tourguide System 2020-D. This truly unique device integrates both the receiver and headphones and delivers a number of advantages for you.

Sennheiser SKM 2020-D | Handheld transmitter, digital, dynamic cardioid, 6 channel

The SKM 2020-D hand-held microphone efficiently attenuates unwanted background noise. The transmitter is easy and comfortable to operate and highly robust.