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Televic Confidea FLEX | delegatenhet med touchskjerm

Confidea FLEX is Televic’s all-in-one tabletop conference unit with an integrated 5.2” touch screen with fingerprint coating

Televic Nameplate | to-sidig navneplate, E-ink

The Plixus Nameplate makes it easy to read, display, and update participant information in an ultra-thin design (9 mm) with minimal power consumption. Participants can request to speak with a button at the base and see an indication of the status through a LED strip on top. The Nameplate Manager software provides user-friendly and flexible options to save time and speed up meetings.

Televic Plixus Gateway

The Plixus Gateway is part of Televic’s Confero Cloud solution. The 19" rack-mountable device acts as a flexible and secure bridge between Cloud-based services and the Plixus engine in your premises. By controlling and securing the traffic in and out between the Internet and the conferencing room, the Gateway can transfer audio, video and conference data without you having to worry about security threats.
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