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BSS BLU DAN | BLU-link til Dante/AES67, 64x64 kanaler

The Soundweb London BLU-DA offers Dante / AES67 audio and BLU link. This means that the BLU-DA can be used to ‘add’ Dante / AES67 to one or more BLU link devices.

BSS BLU HIF | Soundweb Telephone Headset Interface

The BSS Audio BLU-HIF Telephone Headset Interface facilitates connection of the headset jack of a VoIP/digital phone to an AEC input and analog output of a Soundweb London device.

BSS BLU RACK | rack kit for inntil 2 stk BLU-BIB / BLU-BOB 1U

The BSS Audio 1U Rack-Mount Kit allows up to two half-rack Soundweb London devices—BLU-BIB and BLU-BOB1—to be mounted on a shelf occupying a single rack space.

BSS BLU USB | BLU link/USB Audio Interface

The BLU-USB allows audio from a PC/Mac to be directly placed onto the BLU link audio bus, enabling easy implementation of softphones for conferencing systems or audio playback directly to/from a computer.