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Intelligent Cable Management Unit

Built for use with the LA-480 ListenTALK Docking Station 16, LA-381 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray

LA350 | ladestasjon for 8 stk LR42/LR44 IR mottagere

The LA-350 8-unit charging tray from Listen Technologies provides a convenient and compact option for storing, charging, and distributing up to eight (8) LR-42 Stethoscope and/or LR-44 Lanyard Receivers in any combination.

LA365 | ekstrabatteri oppladbart til LR4200/LR5200

Listen Technologies’ LA-365 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery offers a combination of extended charge life and quick charging.

Listen LA380 | ladekoffert for 12 stk LR4200/LR5200

Designed to offer a secure and convenient way to store, transport, and charge your Listen Technologies iDSP receivers, the LA-380 charging/carrying case is the ideal choice.

Listen LA381 | ladeskinne for 12 stk LR4200/LR5200

The LA-381 drop-in charging/dispensing station for the Listen iDSP receivers provides a convenient way to charge, store, dispense, and collect Listen iDSP receivers.

LISTEN LA-401 |LISTEN IR/TALK Universiel Ear speaker

Featuring a comfortable, over-the-ear design, the LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker offers high-quality audio performance and freedom of movement.

Listen LA403 | universell nakketelefon

Merging comfort and convenience with exceptional audio performance, the LA-403 Universal Behind-the-Head Stereo Headphones from Listen Technologies are designed for listeners who wear hardhats

Listen LA404 | universell ørepropp

Best for assistive listening applications where access to ambient or environmental sound is desired, the LA-404 Universal Single Ear Bud is the ideal solution.

Listen LA405 | universelle ørepropper

The LA-405 Universal Stereo Ear Buds offer the same outstanding sound quality and comfort as our single ear bud design, but with the added benefit of dual ear pieces for true stereo sound.