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K&M 195/8 | Overgang fra 35mm stativ til monteringsplate med hull

Attachable to speakers. Slip-on adapter for speaker stands with tube diameter 35 mm.

K&M 19670 | Tiltadapter for avstandstykke

For speaker stands with tube diameter of 35 mm. Angle adjustable to 15°. Secured by locking screw.

K&M 19674 | Tiltadapter for avstandstykke, Ring Lock

For speaker stands with tube diameter of 35 mm. A unique patented expanding mandrel system provides a tight and firm fit for the speaker. The moveable plastic splints separate the speaker from the stand creating a vibration-free connection. Easy to use ring lock.

K&M 19685 | Adapterplate for skjerm, VESA 75/100

Adapter for attaching a small LCD/LED screen to a stand using a swivel joint with a 3/8" thread. In compliance with VESA MIS-D 75 / VESA MIS-D 100, the attachment plate can easily be mounted on the stand with the prismatic connection.

K&M 19695 | Universelt monteringsstykke for mikrofonstativ

More room for maneuvre! The flexible universal joint can be used on practically any microphone stand and gives you more freedom than ever by providing maximum flexibility for positioning a range of equipment such as microphones, hand-held recorders, etc. Included are a 3/8" female thread and 1/4" male thread. The integrated thread adapter allows for even more combinations.

K&M 211/1B | Teleskopgalge, sort

Classic two-piece telescopic boom arm with 3/8" thread. Silent, scratchless swivel joint for adjustment of angle, easy tightening with T-bar locking screw.

K&M 21231 | Teleskopgalge for 20811 og 21411

Telescopic boom arm with 1/2" thread. Adjustable counterweight. For use with model 20811 and 21411.

K&M 213/3 | Forlengerstykke med M10 gjenger

For speaker and light stands. One end has internal M10 thread, the other end has external M10 thread.

K&M 21311 | Bæreveske for 2 høyttalerstativ

Holds two K&M speaker/light stands 213, 214/6 etc. Made from black waterproof nylon with silk-screened K&M logo. Two inside compartments with zipper and sturdy handles.

K&M 21393 | Travers for 4 stk lys, 35mm spigot

Attachable to light and speaker stands with extension tube diameter of 35 mm. With 4 screw fittings for spot lights.

K&M 21394 | Skruesett til 21393

For crossbars. Includes 4 screw fittings.